Zbigniew Flakus


"Visual Artist, Art Director, Graphic Designer. Born in Poland. "


Visual Artist, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Zbigniew Flakus was born in Poland. Holder of a Master’s Degree from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Katowice he specialises in graphic design, drawing and painting. Currently working independently between his own art projects and creative ads on the field of art direction, graphic design and illustration.  When not engrossed in his art, Zbigniew is passionate about music, and loves to spend time working on music composition and sound design. "If you mix a consistent composition of Bauhaus and Pluto the Pup, then sprinkle it with a large amount of bodily fluids, you will obtain a formula, which Zbigniew Flakus goes about superbly. The story that he creates is always a complicated world of the inside that pours out into the outside. Each of the elements of this meticulously planned composition could spontaneously crawl out and create a brand new being."

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