Miguel Lalor


"I'm a professional Comic Books drawer and illustrator. All my work is full of action scenes depicting helicopters, planes and specially cars and motorcycles. More recently I decided to do some watercolors of vintage cars just to explore a more spontaneous and energetic way of painting and drawing. "


Brazilian artist Miguel has always been crazy about comics, especially European style comics. He went to France to start his career as a full time comic book illustrator, working for Dargaud, and has been living in Paris since 2002. He holds a bachelor degree in fine arts and also studied drawing and painting in Barcelona, Spain. He has published 9 comic hard-cover albums, full of his passion for cars, motorcycles, helicopters and action scenes as seen in his comic series "Le Dernier Templier" and "Le Rédempteur" He also produces vintage car water-colors, where he explores a more spontaneous, energetic and less technical way of representing his vision about these amazing machines.